DataAnalytics Help Center

version 0.1.8

Type Formats

Data type can have parsing parameters (input) and formatting parameters (output). Some types cannot be parameterized. For additional speed, it is recommended to disable formatters by unchecking the group's checkboxes for large tables (more than 1000 rows). Formatted output can be cached to improve the rendering speed in the main window's tree. Unchecking that option reduces the amount of memory the application needs.


You can choose to output the string in uppercase or in lowercase


You can choose the decimal symbol to use while parsing and a multiplicative factor used to calculate the stored value. For example the original table lists some information in kilometers. If you want to work against miles, you can use this property to do just that.

There are a lot of options available to customize the numbers. With the type property, you can specify the type of numbers to generate. Auto detect will detect if the value is an integer, a float or has more digits than a certain limit and decide on which format is better. Nb decimals is the number of decimals to put after the decimal points. If not specified, as many decimals as possible will be displayed. The precision relates to the precision of the exponent style (10e7). For the negative format, %1 represents where the formatted numbers will appear. A multiplicative factor can also be included here and a unit such as KJ can be specified.


Here you specify how to format the date. Here are the different options available:


Full Form         

Short Form


yyyy (4 digits)   

yy (2 digits)

y (2 or 4 digits)


MMM (name or abbr.)

NNN (abbr.)

MM (2 digits)
M (1 or 2 digits)

Day of Month

dd (2 digits)     

d (1 or 2 digits)

Day of Week 

EE (name)         

E (abbr)


To use a currency that is not supported by default, type the symbol before or after the %1 placeholder.


Boolean values will be rendered as checkmarks in the tree. You can specify what text to consider true and what text to consider false. Any other values will be null.