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version 0.1.8

Code Editor

Flexibility is required in an application like Data Analytics. For this reason custom functions and algorithms can be coded in Javascript and plugged-in.  How this works is that internal objects such as aggregate functions are no different from custom objects. The objects are stored in an array and you edit the Javascript toString of that object. An instance of the object is then created and added to the list.  All code must be tested before executed. Some types of custom objects (aggregates) but go through a unit test. Here are the current custom objects:

This is the code editor window. The fields of the current table are shown on the left, double-clicking them inserts the code to access the field assuming that the row variable is called 'row'. Underneath, you find a reference to the API that the custom object must specify. At the top, a list of templates allows you to quickly get the hang of it by looking at examples. Once your done hit the Test button and verify that it is working as expected. The Console^2 extension can be useful to debug your scripts. Finally click Ok. Custom objects are not yet psersisted.